EVE Online: Galaxy Pack [PC/Mac Code – No DRM]


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EVE Online: Galaxy Pack [PC/Mac Code - No DRM]

EVE Online: Galaxy Pack [PC/Mac Code – No DRM]

EVE Online: Galaxy Pack [PC/Mac Code – No DRM] gives:

  • 3 months of Omega time
  • 2x Multiple Character Training Certificates
  • 1100 PLEX
  • 5 Skill Extractors
  • Bundle of superb Sisters of EVE ship SKINs and Expeditionary Suits

Product description

Platform:PC/Mac Code – No DRM  |  Edition:Galaxy Pack

The Galaxy Pack represents excellent value and commitment to your future as an EVE Online capsuleer of great repute. This bundle gives you unlimited access to all ships and skills through 3 months of Omega time. You will also get 2x MultipleCharacter Training Certificates, allowing you to train multiple pilots on the same account simultaneously, as well as 1100 PLEX to sell for billions in ISK or spend in the New Eden Store.

In addition, you get 5 Skill Extractors to aid you in customizing your skill tree and making even more ISK, as well as a bundle of superb Sisters of EVEship SKINs and Expeditionary Suits.

This pack can only be purchased once per account.


The Eve Online Galaxy Pack includes:

  • 3 month Omega time
    •  EVE Online three Months Omega Time
  • 1100 PLEX
    •  EVE Online 1,100 PLEX
  • 2 MCT (additional training character slot tokens)
    •  EVE Online Multiple Pilot Training Certificate
  • 5 Skill Extractors
    •  EVE Online Skill Extractors LARGE
  • SOE Spectral Shift SKIN Bundle (cosmetics)
    • Astero Spectral Shift Skin
    •  Astero Spectral Shift Skin
    • Stratios Spectral Shift Skin
    •  EVE Online Stratios Spectral Shift Skin
    • Nestor Spectral Shift Skin
    •  EVE Online Spectral Shift Nestor Skin
  • SOE Expeditionary Suit F and M (cosmetics)
    •  EVE Online Womens Expeditionary Suit
    •  EVE Online Mens Expeditionary Suit

Total value for all items in ISK is 13.3 Billion+ as of in-game values 02/02/2018.  Actual ISK values may change over time.  By far this is the best value.  2860 Plex is $99.99.  This would sell for around 9.2 billion.  This has 4 billion more value in it.  This represents more than a 40% increase in the bang for your buck!

Only one Eve Online Galaxy Pack can be activated per account.If you question that you can apply one of these, we would encourage you to check your transaction history in your EVE account and look for “Galaxy Pack” or “Galaxy”. If you do NOT see either of these you may apply one of these to your account.

This account code does not meet the requirements for buddy rewards.