AMD VS Intel:

These are interesting times for CPU makers. Gone are the days where a few hours’ laptop battery life was considered efficient. Where the only computers people had in their homes were noisy, hot desktop PCs.

A decade ago, Intel and AMD had the world at their feet. Intel’s distinctive audio logo rang out wherever laptops were sold and AMD’s future was bright thanks to its 2006 acquisition of graphics powerhouse ATI. However, these chip giants haven’t kept up with the times quite as well as perhaps they should.

The tech landscape is fast changing and Intel and AMD’s apparent slowness to switch focus to mobile computing has allowed other chip manufacturers. most notably ARM but also the likes of VIA and Qualcomm. To dominate this huge new market.

 Although things looked somewhat bleak a few years ago, there’s been something of a resurgence of gaming PC. The choice of laptops is broader than ever, and it’s the tablet market which is seeing a decline.